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Please note that you are required to use Mobile Spy for monitoring your children’s and employees only. We will not take any responsibility if you use it for checking other person’s activities other than this. This is not allowed as per law and should be unethical accordingly.

Premium Package: 3 Months

Premium Package: 6 months

Premium Package: 12 Months

Basic Package: 3 Months

Basic Package: 6 Months

Basic Package: 12 Months

Mobile Spy Discount Coupon

Mobile Spy Software and Discount

Spying is one kind of occupation or secret work done by any person who needs it. Now, everything is under the modern technology. Like others, mobile phone is the wonderful gift of modern science. It is used for the communication from one person to another person. Mobile phone works based on the wireless network. Besides, the power of helping in conversation, it has the power to work as like as a computer. Nowadays, children also use it in keeping pace with the adults. In any business sector, it is an essential object for doing everything. It has some disadvantages with its great advantage. Children and young generation and the employees of bad minded use it incorrectly. For this reason, a spy is very needed to check it. The modern science invents a new spy as like as the software. This is used in mobile phone and is known as a cell phone spy. Mobile spy is that kind of software which is used to observe the work of employees in business and young generation.

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The Main Activities

Mobile spy is a program of mobile phone which is installed in that mobile phone used for monitoring. It is so silently and secretly that the person for whom it is used cannot know about it. Mobile spy is used to monitor the activities of various smartphones such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. and many other compatible cell phones. It is a software or application that is for tracking the cell phone and the location of phone, SMS sent by phone, the secret email address can be monitored by this mobile spy software. Parents and the owner of business can use it against their children and corrupted employees. It works freely and has its own function so that no one can uninstall it without the permission of the user.

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Some Essential Features

Tracking power- It has the power to track the cell phone activities. It can track the GPS location. For this reason, it needs the interval. It can also track the location of the person and calls which are incoming and outgoing. It can track the sms, mms etc.

Monitoring power- This Mobile Spy has the power of observation and monitoring. It can record all phone calls of surrounding area and social media like fb, viber etc. are monitored by it. Any URLs used in any web browser and website links are also monitored by this Mobile Spy.

Blocking power- Mobile Spy has the power of blocking the unwanted programs. Any application can be blocked in case of user’s choice. It can also record photos, audio, and videos and block them.

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