Long Tail Pro Coupon 2014 for $30 and Savings with Promo Price

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Product Details

Avail the cool $30 savings with Long Tail Pro coupon on purchasing the tool. Clicking above button will reveal the special page with Long Tail Pro discount price applied automatically. Just make purchase on Platinum or regular license.

Long Tail Pro Coupon

Long Tail Pro Reviews

Keyword captures a substantial extent in SEO business. Website rankings plays a vital role in web based business. Improved ranks attract more visitors and customers. Here is a tool for keyword related solutions and much more. So while discussing about the discount and promo for Long Tail Pro, here are some information about the useful tool:

Long Tail Pro is a software tool for searching keywords. You will enjoy advanced searching facility in it. Such as- you will get 800 keyword search results for every keyword searched. You can search multiple keywords with it at a same point of time. Keywords are searched both locally and globally. You will experience a prompt and effective searching journey. It serves data for tablets, mobiles and other compatible devices. You can also get your search results including keywords or excluding keywords. If you want you can choose the both. Keyword filtering is another feature of Long Tail Pro. With it you will find attracting domain names automatically.

In this competitive business field Long Tail Pro comes with competitor analyzer. Which analyzes your business competitors of same category. Ranking of your website is available with just a few clicks. Rank checker notifies you with your website rank along with your competitors website ranks. So that you can compare your website’s worthiness of being in top 10 search results in google. How competitive a keyword is, what about its bidding these are now available to you with the help of Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro Platinum with Discount

Main Features of This Tool

You may use various types of keyword research tools. Most of such tool can search for only one keyword at a time. But Long Tail Pro is superior in this case because by using this tool you will be able to search for several keywords at the same time. The working speed of this tool is also very impressive and better than most of the popular keyword research solutions. You must consider another feature of any keyword research tool and that feature is how many results it can show for one keyword. Long Tail Pro will show you more 800 different search results for single keyword.

To filter the keywords, you don’t have to use additional tools because Long Tail Pro will provide you the program for pre-filtering the keywords. Another very attractive feature of this tool is it has the built in program for searching for the new domains automatically. Title competition checking engine is another advantage of this product.

You must consider the competitors before starting the SEO for any keyword. Long tail Pro will provide you the detail report about the top search engine results. You can also calculate the competiveness of the targeted keywords with the help of Long Tail Pro. If you want to save the favourable keywords to any folder then you will be able to do that by using this tool. Long Tail Pro will also let you know the search engine ranking and position of any website. You can calculate the competitiveness of the keywords depending on any term by using the Long Tail Pro.

Available Packages of This Product

If you want to try this tool before buying any premier version then you can get the trial version of this product and the trial version can be used for 10 days. If you like the product then you can purchase the Pro version which requires onetime fee. This version will provide you all the features which are discussed above. Another package is available and that is the Pro + Platinum package. It also has the features of the Pro version. But you can renew the license of this package after every month. That means if you want to use this product regularly then you can use the Pro + Package version.

Long Tail Pro Discount Coupon

There must be some keywords you don’t want to miss or loss. In that case Long Tail Pro gives you keyword saving facility. You can import lists containing up to 10000 keywords. Based on your keyword search results you can do a custom calculation. For your observation it offers you free 10-day trial. It can be used for web based market research. Its best use can reach you to the best of your desired goal in web based business. So, now its your turn to get the best of it. Get Long Tail Pro coupon and exclusive discount with purchase, no additional code is required and have savings.