Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device Discount and Promo 2014

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Product Details

Purchase on $29 savings with Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device discount price with above link. Also get the cool $49 savings if you are purchasing for 2 years. Purchase this complete security solution with Internet Security Multi Device promo price in 2014.

Internet Security Multi Device Discount

Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device  Review

If you are searching for security tools for your multi devices. Then probably your searching ends here. Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device can keep your devices like PC-windows, Macs, Androids  free from threats. It appears to be cheap as it provides security to multi devices with one license. You can judge it considering its features.

Common Features :

It has modern Anti-malware system designed with real-time & cloud assisted protection  which protects your device from viruses, spyware, malwares, phishing. Its advanced technology ensures your device’s security against existing, new & emerging internet threats successfully. It scans your device on regular basis and remove all malicious content if found before doing any harm to your device. You will be notified with signals about the danger level of the websites you are visiting. It ensures your privacy & protection without any compromise- its you & only you. It has least effect on your device performance.

PC-Windows Protective Features: It provides 24*7 protection to your PC as its system watcher technology keeps protective eye on your system to detect dangerous behavior of your PC. Your already installed programs may reach vulnerable & cause harm. In both the cases you can get automatic & appropriate suggestions. If you are in online banking, e-commerce, online transaction then even  your least tensions regarding your security & privacy is eliminated through its safe money technology. Its virtual & secure keyboard technology saves you from keyloggers attack. It helps you to ensure safe usage of PC & internet by your kids. You can block any website, game or application with it. It defends your PC from unauthorized control by Trojan virus. It is mainly optimized for windows 8.

Mac Protective Features : In addition with windows protective features it provides extra more protective features for Macs. It scans files when you open it, access it, run it. Downloaded files & emails are also scanned. It supports latest OS X version.

Android Protective Features: To locate your stolen or lost Android device it introduces Anti-theft technology. It enables you to just receive the calls & texts you want to receive. So get discount coupon for Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device 2014 and save on price with purchase.