CMS Commander Coupon Code and Discount on Plans in 2014

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20% exclusive savings with CMS Commander promo with above link. The above coupon code applies for both monthly plan as well as yearly plan. Just apply the CMS Commander coupon in the cart after selecting the right package.

CMS Commander Coupon Code

CMS Commander and the Review

In the section of website controlling there are many software products available. The activities of all products are not equal. To control the activities for the WordPress based website, you may use various software. Among of them, CMS Commander is a needed one for the WordPress site users. It is mainly a product to control various WordPress websites from any single dashboard. This product was first released in 2012. But now, it has covered the facilities for 3,000 users across the world for managing the websites. This software product ensures the users to control their websites from control panel of the system within same time. With the advance of time, it has released many versions. In the latest version, you will observe a lot of facilities like flexible performance, user friendly control panel, security system of the data, database management system, file backup processing and so on.

Features of CMS Commander Tool

CMS Commander offers a lot of user friendly features having many activities. These features are:

Installation System and Update: User can get notification of all the updates of the available plugins and the themes in the dashboard of CMS Commander. From this section, you can install the updated version of the plugin and the themes through a single click. Besides, you can get the facility of install new themes in any number of websites through a simultaneous process. It is also applicable to manage the plugin from various websites.

Post Editor: To write down the new post by using the new powerful editing system, it is very active. It allows many rewriting tools, SEO processing, content insertion process etc. Besides, by using the features of bulk posting you can publish many articles on many websites at a same time.

Media File Uploading Process: It provides the built-in media file uploading process. Through this, you can upload any type of media file for your site in the data storage medium of CMS Commander. Then by applying the sequential guidance, you can use them in your site. Moreover, you can also insert them in the post also.

Automatic Backup: It offers the backup processing of all the WordPress sites in a simple way. You can configure it by assuring a daily or weekly system. Besides, CMS Commander covers the security system of the WordPress sites with a great care.

Thus get reduction with above CMS Commander discount coupon in 2014. As mentioned earlier you can have price reduction on purchasing both monthly and yearly package, just apply the CMS Commander coupon in the cart.