Atomic Mail Sender Coupon & Discount Code 2015

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Product Details

Purchase Atomic Mail Sender with 10% discount. Clicking above link will open the Atomic Mail Sender coupon page where 10% reduced price should be automatically applicable.

This is one of the best tools available from MassMailSoftware. If you are looking for such email marketing tool, then this can be the ideal choice.

Atomic Mail Sender with Exclusive Coupon

Review of Atomic Mail Sender

If you run a website for your company then you may need to send emails to a huge number of recipients. But the manual process of sending the mails to those recipients is very difficult and that is why you must need support of any dependable software. Mail Sender is one of the best products of the Atomic brand and this tool will be very helpful to send bulk emails to any number of recipients.

Features of This Product

This innovative software is perfect for the professional email marketers. You will be able to use this software for creating and sending the emails to the recipients. You can create the group of recipients to whom Atomic Mail Sender will send the emails. In that group you will be able to add unlimited number of recipient email addresses. One of the most amazing thing about this software is it support the unlimited frequency of the emails.

Personal email can be sent perfectly with this amazing product of Atomic brand. You can use tokens to the emails because this software has the capability to replace all those tokens with the name of recipients. Not only the name of the recipients, this software can add the all the other details of the recipients to the emails. So this software will save your valuable time.

Another important feature of this software is it can automatically import the email addresses to the recipient list. That means you don’t have to write the email addresses to the sent the emails. It can import the email addresses from almost all types of document files. The speed of sending the emails is one of the main factors of the mail sender tools. Atomic mail sender has built in SMTP server which will be used to bypass the emails to ensure the maximum speed of mail sending. Most important thing is you will be allowed to use external SMTP server if it is not possible to use the built in one. If you are also facing difficulties to use the external SMTP server then you can use the Partner SMTP server.

Atomic Mail Sender Purchase with Coupon

The Atomic Mail Sender coupons currently offer a 10% reduction on the price. No addition Mail sender discount code required, just purchase with the reduction.