Cash Rebate Instructions

Here are the instructions for receiving cash rebate:

1.) Please clear your browser cookies first, so that we get credit for the sale. Because if you have clicked any other affiliate link earlier, chance is that cookies from previous affiliate are stored in your computer and sale credit goes to that account.

2.) After clearing cookies, purchase the product through our link and complete purchase.

3.) Email the purchase details and Paypal ID to or use contact form to notify your details.

4.) After receiving email, we’ll send you promised cash rebate to PayPal within 24 hours. That’s it.

*** If, in case, you decide to return and get refund of the product please also send our cash rebate back to Paypal.

From time to time we offer cash rebate or cash back for those products which do not practically have any discount coupon from the Manufacturer or Developer so that our customers are at least be happy to have some discounts on their purchase. Thanks for visiting our site. Have a great day!